Monday, July 9, 2012

Heck Yeah I'm Old!

I've decided today is a fantastic day to be excited.

Two weeks ago, I turned 30. That means I can *officially* complain about those damn young people making all the noise and keeping me up all night. I've been waiting to use that line for ages! Every time they set off fireworks at 1am. I love fireworks, but seriously? Some of us need to work in the morning! And us old people need to sleep! See? I'm already getting good at the complaining. I'm only going to get better at it, too. In another year or two, I'm going to sound old as hell. It's awesome. I'm almost halfway to the point where I'll be able to effectively fake senility. And I've been looking forward to that since I was about sixteen. I'm going to be so rad, walking down the street in my extremely purple jumpsuit, shouting about my cat trying to kill me. Because he totally is. 

Also, Forgotten, the second book of Blood and Fire, is now about halfway done! I've been slacking pretty hard these last few weeks, due in part to circumstances outside my control as well as my recent acquisition of a Kindle Fire (there are no words to encompass my joy in this new toy). But! Despite all that, I've still managed to get myself to that long-coveted halfway point. There is nothing that will keep me from getting Forgotten out this year! You can't see it, but I'm wearing my determined face!

Last, but best of all, I've gotten a real-honest-to-god artist working on the cover for Forgotten! More details on that (as well as Forgotten in general) will be forthcoming. For now, just know that this is news is...


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