Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long Past Due

So much for my resolution to update once a week! In my defense, I was pressing myself REALLY hard to finish the book (which will be available for public consumption soon!) and trying to wade through a particularly stressful week at the other job. But really, I just suck at this whole sharing thing.
In blog form. In real life, I'm a habitual over-sharer. I find it entertaining to see just how much I can talk at someone before they'll finally just be honest and tell me they're not listening anymore.
This, by the way, is not limited to the over sharing. When I know that something I do irritates someone, but they won't tell me, due to politeness or not wanting to hurt my feelings (people tend to mistake my adorableness for fragility it. Makes being moderately evil very easy and amusing), I tend to keep doing it until they snap. Like poking a sleeping cat with a stick. I thing this all comes from the same place that my NEED to push the big red butten labeled "Don't Push" does.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope Is For Nerds

Everytime I see this at work I smile. I like to think that beneath that seemingly mundane box (with a switch inside... I love switches!) beats the heart of a magnificent robot. I suppose the pertinent question would be Autobot or Decepticon. But this is a retail store. I figure that even if he started off as good as a Prime, his time here has twisted his psyche sufficently to awe even Megatron.

That actually makes it cooler...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Joke Is Over

I promised myself that I would update this at least once a week. As I've had nothing resembling interesting to say (not even enough to fake it), I've put it off this long... And now I find myself in the situation where I had a truly awful day and have nothing resembling NICE to say.

Listening to a Green Day song helped moderately. Because I'm a big believer in sharing the love:

Now tell me, isn't that just perfect for a crappy day? I think they should make buttons that play it, so that when I have an absurdly awful interpersonal interaction, I can press said button. Then I would feel better, and the person on the receiving end of my ire will know exactly how intolerable and hate-worthy they are, even though I'm being paid to interact with them and thus cannot say it myself. Who knows? It might just make the world a better place.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Run Away!

Well, I did warn you!

This blog is all just a ploy to get people to pay attention to me. I've found I really enjoy being the center of attention and thought "Why not shove your name into the overwhelming masses of bloggers and work really hard to be a blip on the blogosphere radar? That'll prove people love you!"

Really though, I don't expect much. By way of people being interested. Because I'm not really that interesting. Mildly amusing in small doses, when forced to work with me by someone higher up the food chain than either of us? Perhaps. But I still haven't mastered the two-legged pants putting on technique, and I don't know any good jokes. Just lame ones that amuse me with their sheer stupidity. And I'm not half as witty as I like to pretend. So don't come crying to me when I fail to impress!

Okay. Seriously folks.

I'm a writer. It's what I've been doing since before I could ride a bike without training wheels (which isn't saying much... I'm a terrible cyclist). I'm nearing my very first legitimate publication (because I don't count poetry I wrote under duress and hormonal influences!) in the next few months here. Well, publication of sorts. Either way, it was suggested to me that I make myself available for scrutiny and mockery by the masses. That said, I've always had a really hard time writing about stuff that isn't 70% fictional or more. So don't be surprised if I flounder in this particular (though not first, by any stretch) attempt at blogging. I promise to put out a mediocre or better effort, which will be only slightly impacted if I get more than the two followers I anticipate. ^_^