Monday, July 30, 2012

A Thing! A Somewhat Important Thing!

August 1st will make it 2 months since Burnt went into print. That might not seem like much to the rest of the world, but for me that is EPIC. (Not in the least bit related to the fact that I have a fascination/potential obsession with the number 2.) And I want to celebrate. Because I never pass up a chance to celebrate. So!  Since consuming impressive quantities of booze is always fun for me, I decided to try to do something fun for other people too. Which means what? Another giveaway! This time, it's through Goodreads, which means all I needed to do is push a few buttons and type in a date to make it all happen. I love pushing buttons! Especially when it is making things easy on me! Because then I can go back to being lazy, you see. It was very exciting.

Anyway. I might be rambling about unimportant things. So now to the important one. How to participate... See the widget on the right! Just underneath the Amazon one! 

There you go! The giveaway starts August 1st and runs through the month. I'll be giving away 4 books, and if this goes well I might consider doing another one and/or one with ebooks in the near future!

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