Monday, December 10, 2012

Holidays Are A Killer...

I fully intend a fantastic post in the coming days. Maybe even one with pictures and font effects. You know, fancy. But alas... I work in retail. Which means, at this particular point in the year, I am just fried (look at that! Font effect!). Because that just wasn't challenging enough, I also just got promoted (feeling very mixed about that... I feel very mixed about my job in general, though, so I guess that's not surprising). That has made it difficult for me to properly string together a series of sentences on anything resembling a regular basis. Making them entertaining enough that I don't groan at the thought of posting them up for the world (or 3 people... Whichever) to read? Well let's just say the guy holding his breath for that moment is no longer with us. It's a tragedy, really.

Anyway. I thought it was important that I mention the giveaway I just set up over at Goodreads today (when Nathan pointed out I'd neglected to even put Forgotten up there yet... Where is my head at???) So yes. Look over there ---> Then enter. And enjoy wonderful Kaie-themed goodness in the new year.

Assuming I survive the next 15 days... More soon!

Oh, and happy holidays!