Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lazy Days Forever

So. I had all weekend off. More than the weekend, actually. My boss actually gave me Thursday and Friday off as well. I'm not entirely sure the reasons behind his generosity (though I suspect evil. It's always safer that way. I figure I'll likely return to work tomorrow, only to find that my position there has been usurped by Bizzaro-Lyn and the zombie apocalypse has begun.) Anyway, I figured I'd use it productively. You know, by working on promotions for the book I just published, or working on the book I'm in the process of writing. Productive things.

Instead, I did... nothing. And it was fantastic!

Ok, nothing isn't *entirely* accurate. I spent a lot of time exploring the brand new app I found on Xbox Live, the Amazon Instant Video app! (Yeah, I know this isn't remotely new to the world in general. But it's new to my Xbox and that's all that matters! So there!) First, I watched a bunch of cartoons. I mean a bunch. Embarrassing quantities, actually. I discovered I absolutely hate the Joker in "Young Justice" which is sad, really, because the rest of the series is pretty damn awesome. Of course, the Joker only seems to be in one episode. And he's not really the biggest part of said episode. But this is me, and not only do I obsess about small, unimportant things as a rule, it is absolutely guaranteed that I'm going to zoom right in on anything Batman related. Especially the Joker. If you screw him up, damn straight I'm going to gripe about it. A lot. And almost stop watching the entire (really awesome, otherwise) series over it. Because I'm crazy like that. I didn't get nicknamed Harley Quinn for nothing here, people!

So yes. Very productive weekend. I'm thinking about calling in sick tomorrow... To, you know, take a break from all this hard work I've been doing.


  1. I just nominated you for the Liebster Book Award! Head on over to to see your tag!

    1. Thank you! Sorry it took me so long to say that, too. Life got a little crazy on me for a while. But I really do appreciate it. :)

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