Monday, May 21, 2012

Every Time!

I went to Motor City Comic Con yesterday. My second time, and my second Con. Coincidence? Hmmm...

It's hard to say if I liked it as much as last year. Last year, I met George Takei and Brent Spiner, both of whom I have loved almost my whole life. And I got to chat with them. That was just.. Well, actually, I lack the vocabulary to describe the level of awesome that was.

This year, I took my brother. He's autistic, and it was for his birthday, so the day was all about people he wanted to meet. So, while there was one REALLY big Star Trek name there, as well as a smaller but no less loved one, the day took on a decidedly more Star Wars tone.

Don't get me wrong. I love Star Wars. No, that's not right. I LOVE Star Wars. If anything were to touch my feelings for Star Trek, it would be Star Wars. But that's the thing: it doesn't quite. Misses it by a hair. So while I was absurdly excited about meeting Billy Dee Williams and having him sign my brother's copy of Return of the Jedi, it wasn't quite the same fervor as last year.

Still, this man is a freaking Icon!

I did get a pretty big surprise, though. One of my friends has a bit of a crush on one Sam Witwer, and has ever since I introduced him to Being Human (US version) sometime early last year. I thought he was good but, while I appreciate vampires, I never really got the whole appeal of the bloodsuckers. Things with them always gets gross. Plus, I like a lot less brooding. So I liked Josh (Sam Huntington) better than Aiden (Sam Witwer). But the latter was the one at the Con yesterday. So, because I'm awesome, I headed over to get a signed photo for my friend who was stuck working.

Turns out the guy is cool. Very, very cool. Did everyone know he was the voice of Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed? 1 and 2? Because I didn't! Maybe because I've never played? Nah. That can't be it. He had a sweet picture *sort of* from the games up at his table. I didn't have the money to get it and the one my friend wanted, but my brother was all about that picture. So Sam and the guy helping him (are they managers? Media specialists? Assistants? I have no idea...) gave it to my brother. For free. Awesome, right? 

But it gets better! My brother was so geeked about the gift that he decided we were going to listen to Sam's Q&A panel a few minutes later. I expected something vaguely entertaining for me and outright boring for J (the brother). I was wrong! It was a blast! Jokes and shenanigans for everyone! Even a Darth Maul imitation! I left feeling a very strong urge to play both of The Force Unleashed games, and kind of crushing a bit myself! 

So yeah. Maybe it wasn't as much of a Trekkie adventure as last year. And maybe, under normal circumstances, that would drop my enjoyment of the Con down a (small!) rung or two. But how can any sane person complain about watching their brother shake hands with Billy Dee Williams? And what sane, straight girl can complain about getting a hug from a very good-looking Star Wars nerd who just happens to have a great TV show of his own?

Oh, and just so we're clear on this point: Dwight Schultz? You made my day.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Working Hard Hardly Working

So. Today's big goal was to get some writing done. On book 2 in the Blood and Fire series. That's right, I'm done with the first book! And by done, I mean still at least a month away from done, but locked in a holding pattern while I wait for my beta readers to finish & give me something to do before sending it off to my editor and then waiting for him to finish & give me something to do. So yeah. Done. O.o

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah! The goal! See, I started it. I got the first chapter done so fast you wouldn't believe. Like it was just waiting to pour out of me, which is my favorite way to write. It got me super excited and even (I'll admit it) a little cocky. I know! Gasp and horror! You'd never believe such things of me! Anyway. On to chapter 2. That one was a little tougher. But I knew what needed to be accomplished and I got it more or less done. No big deal. Came back to tweak it some 3 (7) times. Now it's time for chapter 3. The big transition chapter. The one that starts getting into the actual story, instead of just laying down a tiny bit of groundwork. And... Nothing.

So, like the good and dutiful worker I am, I kept at it. For a whole half an hour. Staring at the empty screen and the blinking cursor. And then the depression set in. So I dealt with it. Like a grown-up. For another ten minutes. Then I started playing Sims. Midieval, FYI.

But that was Sunday! And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But not Thursday. Nope. I was going to write. And I did! I split my break between Jimmy Johns and writing. And I actually got something done. Nothing spectacular, but it did produce a gem that apparently made Michelle laugh so hard she fell out her chair. (I didn't witness that myself, so it's possible this is all just some great lie she's told me to convince me other people think I'm funny too. I remain skeptical.) So yey!

I got home, determined to reproduce this flurry of productivity. So I started building my playlist for book 2. Very important business! It sets the whole tone of my writing. I have to find songs that capture the exact sentiment I'm going for.

That was... oh... four hours ago. I'm almost done.

And now I'm sick of all this productivity. Time for some Sims!

Not that anyone is... But for the curious, here's a tiny peek into said playlist:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not Dead, Just Boring

So... Yeah. It's been a while. Want an excuse? I don't know what to say. Or how about this one! I'm really not that interesting.

Yup. I am that good at excuses. Aren't I awesome? Oh yeah I am!

So. Truth? I forgot I had a blog. Shut up! I can hear you laughing! All you people who don't read this anyway...

Ok. I'm done now. Honest.

I'm going to try to be better now. Scout's honor. And yes, for those (none) of you wonder, I was a scout. So shut up! I was a Brownie. Also a Junior, but that was just for a month. Give or take. Then there was this whole thing, where I realized I was way too cool for scouts. Really, though, I just didn't like selling the cookies. I felt weird! Getting all clammy and nervous every time I walked up to a house. I'd make a terrible drug dealer. I'm just no good at demanding money from strangers at their own homes. Isn't that what the government is for, anyway? Them and Girl Scouts.

Also, Boy Scouts now I guess. They've started selling popcorn outside where I work on a quasi-regular basis. Which I find just adorable. Mostly because Ace Hardware, which is right next door to where I work, gives free popcorn. Also paint, I hear. But more popcorn. Silly boys. I mock your silly drug (popcorn) dealing ways from the safety of my enclosed store. Where I am safe from your unrelenting Boy Scout wrath. And where I take money from strangers outside their houses. Which is way less intimidating.

I feel like I've gotten off point... What was the point again? Oh yeah! Being better about blogging!

So yeah. Not that anyone reads this. Ever. Or cares remotely, even if someone did happen to stumble upon this by complete accident. (No, this isn't the blog for knitting. I can sew, but I haven't done it in ages. And then, only to save some awesome ties for a guy named Dave.) But! I am going to make an honest attempt to *not* forget I have a blog again. And maybe even force out something vaguely entertaining from time to time. Even if it only entertains myself. Since I'm the only one reading anyway.