Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So Many Things!

Things have been happening and I have been slacking on the talking about it. I'm blaming some of this on a trip to Missouri that I had to take for my best friend's wedding reception (holy hell, that place has a LOT of NOTHING... I didn't know there was so much empty space in the whole country...) But some of it is just me getting distracted by a new (old) game...
Can I just say... I freaking love this game. Why did it take me so long to play it? There are things that drive me crazy (do I really need to open the car door every time) but this thing is just... Well, all I can think to say is DAMN. Just when I think I know what is coming, they hit me with something else. I haven't been playing for long. Just long enough to completely shirk off everything else I was supposed to get done. So. Blame this guy:

Anyway! News time!

Biggest thing first! Book 3 of the Blood and Fire Saga is out! Michelle, my coauthor, worked long and hard on this baby with only marginal help from me. You should totally read it. Especially if you're getting tired of Kaie's attitude. Destiny is something entirely different. It's all about the second aspect of the prophesy that is guiding Kaie's life: The Stone. Or, if you want her name, Elora. 

You won't see much of the people you've met before. This is a new cast of characters in new lands. I promise more magic!

Next, Burnt got some work done! 

It's always bothered me, the difference in quality between Burnt and Forgotten. Or, to be more accurate, how poorly I did in getting Burnt properly edited. So. I prevailed upon Bobby to bless my first book with the beauty that adorns Forgotten and Destiny. This is what he came up with:

Pretty damn awesome, huh? And it's not just a facelift. You'll find the inside has been polished up too! I can't even put a number to how many commas I pulled out. I knew I was a comma junkie but that was just absurd. No more! 

It's still the same story. I didn't change anything. I just cleaned up. And I am proud of the results. My baby is pretty now.

More is on the horizon. We've got a collection of shorts, Lost, coming out in July. It'll be a Kindle exclusive for a while. Free too! If there's interest, we'll add other versions later. None of them are essential to the main storyline of the Blood and Fire Saga, but they do offer some insights into elements that are going to become quite pivotal as the series continues. 

And Misery is coming. Book 4 will be out this fall...

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