Saturday, April 6, 2013


So I've been gone a while. I suppose, for anyone who knows me, this is no great surprise. When I'm really sucked into my writing (or a good video game, but I never told you that) I tend to go missing from the world outside my bedroom. What little time I did convince myself to spend away was selfishly stolen by that horrible torture known as "my job." But! I do have quite a few things to tell people. Some of it I will share today, and some of it will have to wait. Because I get great satisfaction out of tormenting people & nothing in the world torments me as much as someone telling me they have a secret that I have to wait to learn. It's just evil. And I've been good lately, so it's time to start balancing those scales!

Alright. So. First bit of news: the third Blood & Fire book, Destiny, is nearly here! I'll announce an exact date once we're sure of it, but for now Michelle and I are thinking early May. The cover art is in & let me tell you, Bobby really outdid himself this time. It is freaking beautiful!

Secondly, I'll be re-releasing Burnt in June. It will have a new cover & better editing. Neither the content nor the price will be changing, but I hope the result will be a more appealing introduction to the world of Elysium.
With the relaunch I'll also be publishing a collection of four short stories entitled Lost. It won't be essential reading for any of the major storylines - in fact two are about very minor characters & a third one who hasn't been introduced before - but show a bit of the world outside the prophesy. It will only be available for the kindle for the first three months, during which time it will be free. We will provide an option for people without kindles though, so check back for details. Lost is currently on the books for the first week of June. That might change for editing purposes.

The forth book is also coming up. Misery is slated August & that's where I've been spending most of my time (when I wasn't paying Tomb Raider). It's a tough one for me, for a couple of reasons, but I think I've hit my groove now and don't expect any delays.
Which brings me to the last point. I've gotten more than a few people asking me how long the Blood & Fire series is going to be. The honest answer is that we don't know. The plan at this very moment is six novels & two collections of short stories. But this is a big story that Michelle and I have spent more than a decade with. Neither one of us is willing to rush it just to squeeze it into a set number of books. Nor are we willing to drag it out one chapter past where it should end. So, while the plan is six, if we feel like we need more to finish it properly, that's what we'll do.
So. Now I've reaffirmed my continued existence, lifted some of the veil of mystery, and can return to my writing *cough*startplayingUncharted3*cough*

PS. I wrote this whole post on my phone, at work. So I'm going to assume the grammar and possibly the spelling were so bad that all I can do is beg forgiveness and promise never to do it again unless I really want to.

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