Thursday, May 10, 2012

Working Hard Hardly Working

So. Today's big goal was to get some writing done. On book 2 in the Blood and Fire series. That's right, I'm done with the first book! And by done, I mean still at least a month away from done, but locked in a holding pattern while I wait for my beta readers to finish & give me something to do before sending it off to my editor and then waiting for him to finish & give me something to do. So yeah. Done. O.o

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah! The goal! See, I started it. I got the first chapter done so fast you wouldn't believe. Like it was just waiting to pour out of me, which is my favorite way to write. It got me super excited and even (I'll admit it) a little cocky. I know! Gasp and horror! You'd never believe such things of me! Anyway. On to chapter 2. That one was a little tougher. But I knew what needed to be accomplished and I got it more or less done. No big deal. Came back to tweak it some 3 (7) times. Now it's time for chapter 3. The big transition chapter. The one that starts getting into the actual story, instead of just laying down a tiny bit of groundwork. And... Nothing.

So, like the good and dutiful worker I am, I kept at it. For a whole half an hour. Staring at the empty screen and the blinking cursor. And then the depression set in. So I dealt with it. Like a grown-up. For another ten minutes. Then I started playing Sims. Midieval, FYI.

But that was Sunday! And Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But not Thursday. Nope. I was going to write. And I did! I split my break between Jimmy Johns and writing. And I actually got something done. Nothing spectacular, but it did produce a gem that apparently made Michelle laugh so hard she fell out her chair. (I didn't witness that myself, so it's possible this is all just some great lie she's told me to convince me other people think I'm funny too. I remain skeptical.) So yey!

I got home, determined to reproduce this flurry of productivity. So I started building my playlist for book 2. Very important business! It sets the whole tone of my writing. I have to find songs that capture the exact sentiment I'm going for.

That was... oh... four hours ago. I'm almost done.

And now I'm sick of all this productivity. Time for some Sims!

Not that anyone is... But for the curious, here's a tiny peek into said playlist:

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