Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not Dead, Just Boring

So... Yeah. It's been a while. Want an excuse? I don't know what to say. Or how about this one! I'm really not that interesting.

Yup. I am that good at excuses. Aren't I awesome? Oh yeah I am!

So. Truth? I forgot I had a blog. Shut up! I can hear you laughing! All you people who don't read this anyway...

Ok. I'm done now. Honest.

I'm going to try to be better now. Scout's honor. And yes, for those (none) of you wonder, I was a scout. So shut up! I was a Brownie. Also a Junior, but that was just for a month. Give or take. Then there was this whole thing, where I realized I was way too cool for scouts. Really, though, I just didn't like selling the cookies. I felt weird! Getting all clammy and nervous every time I walked up to a house. I'd make a terrible drug dealer. I'm just no good at demanding money from strangers at their own homes. Isn't that what the government is for, anyway? Them and Girl Scouts.

Also, Boy Scouts now I guess. They've started selling popcorn outside where I work on a quasi-regular basis. Which I find just adorable. Mostly because Ace Hardware, which is right next door to where I work, gives free popcorn. Also paint, I hear. But more popcorn. Silly boys. I mock your silly drug (popcorn) dealing ways from the safety of my enclosed store. Where I am safe from your unrelenting Boy Scout wrath. And where I take money from strangers outside their houses. Which is way less intimidating.

I feel like I've gotten off point... What was the point again? Oh yeah! Being better about blogging!

So yeah. Not that anyone reads this. Ever. Or cares remotely, even if someone did happen to stumble upon this by complete accident. (No, this isn't the blog for knitting. I can sew, but I haven't done it in ages. And then, only to save some awesome ties for a guy named Dave.) But! I am going to make an honest attempt to *not* forget I have a blog again. And maybe even force out something vaguely entertaining from time to time. Even if it only entertains myself. Since I'm the only one reading anyway.

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